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Winter Fun Indoors and Out!

When everyone gets bored with the indoor things to do at home, there are plenty of activities to explore elsewhere, and not far from your front door!

Moving Targets

In addition to our very own YMCA at the Overlook’s programs and classes, we told you last summer about the Erie Community Center on Powers Street – it’s also a great place to burn up extra energy and keep everybody occupied in the winter, too! The new interactive Winter/Spring 2018 guide is now out and covers all sorts of programs, classes, activities and special events through May 31.

If you have wee ones who need to learn how to ski and snowboard before hitting the bunny runs, Shredder Urban Ski and Snowboard Park is the go-to school of choice. The hills at this indoor facility are primed with a combination of water and wax that helps skiers slide down the surface and grip for turning and stopping. Gear is included, but you can bring your own to learn the basics and to sharpen ski skills!

Hacks simplify your life and we found a kitchen cupboard full of new food tricks that can make cooking easier and life better! Some of these hacks require a specific kitchen tool or two – which you can find at the King Soopers Marketplace four miles away on 1891 Highway 7 in Erie. Or try the Williams Sonoma store at Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield – about 10 miles from your front door.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home!

Now that it’s 2018, you’ve probably been considering all the possibilities the new year holds for you and your family and making resolutions. New year, new you, new them. How about new year, new home? That could mean buying the house of your dreams (right here in Colliers Hill!), or it could mean giving the Colliers Hill house you already own more love in the coming year.

Welcome to our top five picks for the best home resolutions for 2018!

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