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Don’t Miss Our First Insider Social Event!

ch-insidersdesignReady for your first Colliers Hill Insider Social event?

Kristen Terjesen, owner and principal designer of the award-winning Studio 10 Interior Design firm, will reveal trade secrets to Colliers Hill Insiders, Saturday, February 20th at 10 a.m. at The Overlook.

Interior design is never “one size fits all.”

Take Meryl Streep’s design affinities. The Ricky and the Flash star is partial to minimalist Modern for her current California digs. Chicago PD’s Sophia Bush, on the other hand, is inspired by sleek Industrial. And then there’s Jessica Alba, whose tastes lean more toward flavors of the Middle East, seasoned with a dash of Mediterranean.

Experience Adventure – Become an Insider!

Colliers Hill Insiders

You’ve heard of adventure honeymoons? Adventure sports?

Well, get ready for adventure experiences, specifically created for residents in and around Colliers Hill!

In 2016, we want to get to know you better, and we want you to learn how great it is to live in Colliers Hill. That’s why we’re starting the Colliers Hill Insiders social club. Insiders get invited to engaging talks and interactive workshops on trending topics and emerging ideas — held regularly at The Overlook amenity center. Insider experiences are in-demand, information-packed and always full of exclusive tips and valuable takeaways.

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