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Best Easter Recipes for 2018!

Are you ready for the best Easter recipes of 2018?

If you love food like we love food, you’ll seize any opportunity and excuse to blend, prep, bake and whip up a new culinary indulgence. And for a special holiday like Easter – we’re ready to feast our eyes and our appetites on the best mouth-watering recipes of the season.

Are you ready? Start your ovens!

Ideas For Make-Ahead Hot Breakfasts

February is Hot Breakfast Month and what could be better than a warm meal on chilly mornings? A hot breakfast does more than just warm your belly! The right combination of foods can boost your metabolism, fuel your brain and give your mind and body the energy it needs to start each day feeling powerful and positive.

Sound like hyperbole? Not if you can include some of the 15 best breakfast foods, according to Forkly. Take your pick from among these mouth-watering porridges, egg, scones and pancakes that are likely to please every palate – from sweet to savory.

From the East Coast to Colliers Hill!

Transplanted from Florida more than 18 months ago, homeowners Heather and Ray Mundy and their boys immediately embraced Colorado, leaving behind the humidity and palmetto bugs, for snow, high altitude and small-town living. Moving from just outside Cocoa Beach, Florida, to Colliers Hill has been a bit of an adjustment for the Mundy family – and one they have enthusiastically embraced!

“The first year was interesting, getting used to the snow,” says Heather. “That was the biggest adjustment for me — not so much for the kids.” She and her husband Ray have two boys, Jackson, 14 and Davis, almost 12 and moved from Cocoa Beach, Florida 18 months ago.

“My husband works for Medtronic in Boulder and when we came out the first time looking for homes with our realtor, we found a house in Longmont,” Heather says. The Mundys put down a deposit but Ray told the realtor to keep looking.

“Let’s see if there’s anything else out there,” he said.

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