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Summer Desserts from Fruit

If the idea of grilled fruit doesn’t make your mouth water, then there’s something wrong with your salivary glands! Take for example Chef John’s Prosciutto Peaches. Some people think grilling prosciutto is a crime against nature, but if there is one exception, it’s this! The saltiness of the prosciutto and the sweetness of the peaches pairs beautifully, and the creamy burrata cheese and fresh basil make the perfect complement!

Erie’s Own Community Center

The Erie Community Center is an amazing 63,000 square-foot facility, a little over a mile from Colliers Hill. New residents to Erie are given a free one-month membership (mailed in a welcome packet a month after move-in) to get acquainted with the features and programs at the center — which are legion!

35 Things to Trash NOW!

Wishing you could ruthlessly trash, donate or recycle all the things that have begun accumulating in your junk drawer and closet (or basement, garage, cabinets and storage unit)? You can! And we will help! Because except for super minimalists, we all have a little hoarder in us.

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