Cool Weekend DIY Projects

There’s still time to DIY!

We know you probably have a summer bucket list with things you still want to do before Labor Day – like paintballing, paddleboarding and floating down a river in an inner tube. But if your list includes a little chillaxing, stargazing and bird watching, we have a few do-it-yourself ideas to help you check those off!

Homemade Hammocks

One of summer’s great pleasures is lazing in a hammock and if you don’t have one, where are some great DIY hammocks to make on your own – in a weekend!

DIYMartha Stewart (she makes hammocks!) uses a 6-by-9-foot drop cloth, grommets, O-rings and rope to make a hammock you can stretch out on.

Design Milk puts a modern spin on the classic hammock using rope in two colors. Weaving your own hammock takes longer, but it has the same effect as coloring books – very Zen.

Rip-stop nylon isn’t just for parachutes. Light as a feather and durable as rebar, it’s ideal fabric for a DIY hammock. Instructables gives you photo examples and guides for sewing reinforcements and hemming channels to string the paracord through.

Backyard Bird Feeders

Do you like watching the antics of finches, doves and chickadees? A DIY birdfeeder will fill your garden, patio or backyard with lots of entertaining feathered friends. Bob Vila shows you how to tweak a tea cup and Nine Red will help you repurpose a bowl – ceramic or plastic — with a drill and some twine for a DIY bird feeder.

Birds and Blooms has more than two dozen ideas for bird and hummingbird feeders (they ought to know, right?) from paint and recycled tuna fish cans, to muffin tins, pie tins and PVC pipes. And DIY & Crafts offers up another 23 DIY bird feeders (including one made from an old shoe!) that will get those funny little fowl up close and personal.

DIY Dandelion Wine

What do you do when you’re overrun with dandelions? Eat them – and make some wine! Laurie at Common Sense Home lives on a lot with LOADS of dandelions and sends her boys out to pick the petals. You’ll need three quarts of the blossoms and some other ingredients to ferment for two weeks in a large crock. Laurie also created a recipe for dandelion cookies, because those yellow buds are chock-full of vitamins A and C.

DIYPatio Lighting

You can buy globe lights at your local craft store and string them on a balcony or pergola, or you can make your own patio lighting for very little money and effort. We like these DIY tin can lanterns covered with a metallic paint, using only a hammer and nail, scissors and tea lights.  Easier still are a trio of mason jar votives, hung from garden hooks.

Make Your Own Fidget Spinner

You can buy a fidget spinner just about anywhere these days; they’re as popular as a Kardashian. But with a few supplies, a few hours to kill and a little digit dexterity, you can custom design a DIY fidget spinner following 10-12 steps from Good Housekeeping.

Still Summer in Colliers Hill

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