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Halloween Decor and More!

It’s to die for décor this Halloween, with plenty of undead creatures, zombies, mummies, and animated skeletons that’ll scare the peanut butter out of your visitors; and everyone’s getting into the act!

Unexpected Uses for Stuff!

Call them unexpected or extraordinary, but either way, make note of these countless uses for common items that make buying cleaners, stain removers and insect repellents unnecessary! We collected a few ways you can use everyday “stuff” in your cupboards, cabinets and drawers that will leave you shaking your head in wonder!

Storage Wars!

Know anybody who complains that they have too much storage space? We thought so.

Whether you live in 1,000 square feet or 4,000, more storage is rarely unwelcome. Because as much as we try to purge and declutter, somehow possessions just seem to multiply and expand to fill or exceed the space available.

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