Unexpected Uses for Stuff!

Call them unexpected or extraordinary, but either way, make note of these countless uses for common items that make buying cleaners, stain removers and insect repellents unnecessary! We collected a few ways you can use everyday “stuff” in your cupboards, cabinets and drawers that will leave you shaking your head in wonder!

Rubbing Alcohol Awe

 A bottle of rubbing alcohol costs about $2, and we know it’s a handy disinfectant, but look at its many (almost endless) uses! It can dissolve windshield frost, kill dust mites in your mattress, freshen stinky athletic shoes, and act as an antiperspirant! See 45 more uses for alcohol right here.

Aluminum Foil Voodoo

unexpectedThe properties of aluminum foil have an amazing effect on tarnished silver when mixed with water and salt or baking soda. We may not get the science, but it sure gets rid of the tarnish! Plus a little bit of it in your silverware drawer keeps your forks, knives and spoons, shiny. By the way, we tried it on a pair of tarnished earrings and it works for jewelry, too! Aluminum foil can also clean your iron, sharpen scissors and help you move heavy furniture. Oh, and the folks at CNET say it can bug-proof your mulch, too. Take a look!

Beer Benefits

We’ve all cooked with beer, right? Okay, maybe not, but take the experts’ word for it — beer makes a great marinade and tenderizer (although we’d say experiment with flavors to please your particular palate). Look at these fantastic Food and Wine recipes for beer as food: from beer-battered chicken to Guinness ice cream, there are myriad ways to work beer into an entrée or dessert. Who knew?

Guess what else you can use beer to do? It’s a lawn fertilizer, stain remover for your carpet – coffee and tea especially – and removes rust from metal! Men’s Health has 29 more unexpected things you can do with beer, besides drink it!

Tea Bag Uses

unexpectedFrom relieving pain to cleaning furniture, here are a few unexpected uses for tea bags that will come in handy this winter. You can freshen your fridge and trash bin, marinate meats and flavor rice – all with tea bags. Find out what else a little bag of Lipton® can do at Lifehacker.com.

Slow Cooker Creativity

We all know a slow cooker is good for a big vat of chili or stew, but did you know you can use one to strip paint from metal objects and make soap, candles or art supplies? Bob Vila shows you how to do these simple tasks and more, all in your slow cooker!

Muffin Tin Magic

Tip Hero makes frequent appearances on Facebook and this is a favorite post, all the unexpected uses for a common muffin tin. From egg nests and mini-blueberry pies, to sloppy joe bites and pizza muffins, all it takes is your muffin tin, some cooking spray and a little imagination.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Sugar is a household staple for cooking and sweetening your coffee and tea, but it also removes grass stains, keeps flowers fresh and kills ants. Here are a few more unexpected uses for sugar from LifeHack.org.

Expect the Unexpected

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