Freshen Your Stale Indoor Air!

Cold weather outside can lead to stale and stuffy air inside, but we found a dozen ways you can freshen up your indoor air this winter! You may already have everything you need in your pantry to freshen indoor air or by combining fragrant essential oils with other ingredients for spice-scented simmer pots and aromatic potpourri. Whip up a little something to make your holiday guests feel right at home!

Toxic Fresheners

Back in the day, mass-produced air fresheners were never on anybody’s toxic list of things to worry about. But studies have shown that many conventional air fresheners are loaded with chemicals and man-made fragrances that can cause serious health issues.

Enough of that right? With so many healthier options, you can easily avoid exposing yourself and your family to the nasty phthalates in store-bought fresheners that endanger you and your family.

Yule Pomander Magic

Freshen Indoor AirPomanders, in their various forms, have been used since the middle ages to add delightful scents to people’s lives. The word “pomander” comes from a French phrase, pomme d’ambre, or “apple of amber,” a reference to the round shape and addition of strongly scented ambergris. Early pomanders included various herbs and spices placed in a ball, or even a pouch to freshen the air right under one’s nose!

The most common pomander balls today are a piece of fruit, usually an orange, that has been studded with cloves and dried to radiate a delicious scent. Pomander balls can be used in drawers and closets like a sachet, or as suspended decorations to freshen air from a mantel or tree, or even grouped together as a table centerpiece. The Herbal Academy offers up a simple how-to for making pomanders that will stay fragrant for months.

Essential Oil Magic

The Natural Penguin offers six different homemade options using essential oils that will freshen your air without chemicals. From oil-scented wood blocks to natural gel air fresheners (made with unflavored gelatin in Mason jars) The Natural Penguin even has a tutorial for rattan-reed diffusers. Her simmer pot recipe calls for your choice of ingredients, from a lemon, basil and mint combination, to a fusion of oranges, cranberries and cinnamon sticks which will last for two-to-three days.

DIY Air Freshener Spray

The Prairie Homestead blog offers a recipe for enough liquid air freshener to fill up an 8-ounce spray bottle. To ¾ cup of water (your choice of tap or distilled), you add 2 tablespoons of vodka, rubbing alcohol or real vanilla extract plus one of the suggested essential oil combinations (10 different blends depending on your preference). For even more tips and more recipes for natural homemade air freshener sprays, visit Wellness Mama.

Christmas in a Jar

Freshen Indoor AirThey call it Christmas in a jar and it’s guaranteed to make your whole house smell like the holidays – for as long as you want! What scent speaks Christmas to you? A freshly cut pine tree? Spiced citrus punch? Cinnamon apples cooking on a stove? Well those scents are easy to replicate and keep for yourself or giveaway in a mason jar! Good Housekeeping has the “recipe” and for your own home all you’ll need to do is put the ingredients into a simmering pot and breathe deeply!

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