Clever Post-Holiday Storage Ideas!

With lots of breakables, smashables and things that wrinkle and bend – that weren’t meant to – finding clever and easy ways to store your fragile Christmas ornaments is job one after the new year. For a few easy (and inexpensive) tips, read on!

Ribbon Storage

Crafterella has a genius storage solution for unused ribbon using a swinging arm pants hanger, sliding the rolls onto the padded bars. Amazon sells them (two for $20) and so does the Container Store ($9 apiece) – either of which will hold dozens of rolls to hang in the back of a closet. There’s a Container Store about 13 miles from Colliers Hill in the Flatiron Crossing mall.

DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

Carrie at Making Lemonade glues clear plastic 4 oz. drink cups to a piece of cardboard then stacks them in a storage bin. For smaller ornaments and bulbs, egg cartons make perfect storage compartments and they’ll keep the hooks from tangling when you unpack them next year!

Jill Lee at One Good Thing uses bigger cups to hold larger ornaments. Compared to the cost of made-to-order Christmas décor storage containers, it pays to DIY!

Jen at IHeartOrganizing uses Gladware® containers for flat ornaments that can stack, and Ziploc® bags for rolls of ribbon, and leftover cards and gift tags.

Storing Lights

You can buy a light reel with its own storage bag with some of your Christmas money or like the folks at Bob Vila, trim down a shoebox lid, wind the lights around it, and pop it in the bottom part of the box. Mighty tidy.

For another option, Lifehacker wraps lights around a hanger and stores them in a spare closet. A hanger with a bit of bulk is best, although skimpier plastic ones work as well. You could go all out and color-coordinate the bulbs with the hangers, if you have the time, energy and desire!

Leftover Wrapping Paper

Bob Vila has another clever storage solution and it only takes a hot minute to make. Appropriate the unused space at the top of a closet to store your leftover wrapping paper. All it takes are a few anchors, screws and galvanized wire.

Or follow the lead of blogger Diane at In My Style and with cup hooks and café style curtain rods, hang up your wrapping paper rolls on a wall or the inside of a door.

For more clever do-it-yourself storage solutions for wrapping paper, ribbons and ornaments scroll through these Pinterest pins, but if you’d rather buy than DIY, This Old House has links to containers from a variety of online vendors. Happy Packing!

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