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Win a $100 Toward a Tree in the Erie Tree Lottery!

Trees are not only beautiful to look at, they’re healing – to the human soul and to the eco-system. Those are two reasons that from now through March 2, the Town of Erie is inviting residents to enter to win one of 400 $100 gift certificates toward the purchase of one lovely, living, luxurious tree.

10-Week Police Academy for Erie Citizens!

If you’ve ever wondered just what kind of training a police officer must undergo to do his or her job, and the what, how and why of day-to-day law enforcement, here’s your chance to find out! The Town of Erie Police Department is offering exciting, hands-on learning experience for 10 weeks beginning March 3 through May 4 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. to foster better understanding between police officers and civilians and give citizens a taste of what life is like in law enforcement.

Ideas For Make-Ahead Hot Breakfasts

February is Hot Breakfast Month and what could be better than a warm meal on chilly mornings? A hot breakfast does more than just warm your belly! The right combination of foods can boost your metabolism, fuel your brain and give your mind and body the energy it needs to start each day feeling powerful and positive.

Sound like hyperbole? Not if you can include some of the 15 best breakfast foods, according to Forkly. Take your pick from among these mouth-watering porridges, egg, scones and pancakes that are likely to please every palate – from sweet to savory.

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