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New Year’s Eve – Stay In or Go Out?

Whether you stay in for a quiet night watching the ball drop in Times Square on your living room big screen TV, or hit the town for a night of revelry, we’ve got the menu, the adventures and the morning after cures to see you through!

Mind Your Mantels!

Whether you’ve chosen a traditional mantel for your fireplace, or something more modern, even rustic, mantels are the perfect surface to decorate for the holidays. And depending on the depth of your mantel and the holiday trimmings you favor – you can create a stunning display with a little inspiration and ingenuity. Check out these ideas from the experts to add to your vintage, modern or classic décor!

Get Inspired! Handmade Holiday Gifts

Not every handmade Hanukkah or Christmas gift is something people actually want but we found some inspired DIY presents that are sure to spread sleighs full of holiday cheer! Get in on the act with a hand-crafted snow globe, homemade liqueur or sweet treat, or pamper-somebody body scrub or bath bomb!

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