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Garage Storage Tips and Hacks!

A garage seems to be the one “room” of the house that can become a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t have a (storage) place of its own. Let’s face it – for most of us piling and stacking items in a garage is easier than creating an organized storage system and sticking to it.

So, we rounded up a few hints, helps and hacks to create storage and organize all the paraphernalia that tends to pile up in a garage!

Best Easter Recipes for 2018!

Are you ready for the best Easter recipes of 2018?

If you love food like we love food, you’ll seize any opportunity and excuse to blend, prep, bake and whip up a new culinary indulgence. And for a special holiday like Easter – we’re ready to feast our eyes and our appetites on the best mouth-watering recipes of the season.

Are you ready? Start your ovens!

Smart Gadgets for Your Home Office

When it comes to home office essentials, who doesn’t want a comfortable space and a bunch of great gadgets? Forbes Magazine reports that 45 percent of all income-earning Americans work from home some or all of the time. The latest in-home office must-haves include electronic (smart) devices that make working from home or managing a household better, easier and happier.

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