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Garage Storage Tips and Hacks!

A garage seems to be the one “room” of the house that can become a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t have a (storage) place of its own. Let’s face it – for most of us piling and stacking items in a garage is easier than creating an organized storage system and sticking to it.

So, we rounded up a few hints, helps and hacks to create storage and organize all the paraphernalia that tends to pile up in a garage!

Step One: Clean and Clear

If you can’t park your car in the garage — and want to — think about how you want to organize the overflow so it’s off the floor and findable. Some people LOVE clear storage bins, like blogger Cheryl at Uncluttered Simplicity, who offers 44 free printable bin labels on her site. Others prefer to repurpose cast-off pieces before buying anything new – like storage containers or tool chests.

If you know which route you want to take and are ready for a big weekend (or two) of physical exercise, start by making piles for selling, tossing and donating. Budget Dumpster recommends bagging or boxing THOSE items, then pull everything else you’re keeping out onto the driveway. Once you can see it all and sort it into logical categories, you can start putting it back using a few of these tips and ideas.

Small to Tall Storage Solutions

From paper towel holders for large garbage bag rolls, to store-bought baskets and build-your-own bins, ViralNova collected 19 hacks that can help get things off the garage floor and onto the walls or hanging from the ceiling. HGTV has 20 upcycled ideas for garage storage, like using a golf bag for rakes and brooms, and window planters – fastened to the wall — to store spray paint cans.

Popular Woodworking has a non-wood solution to creating see-through storage for everything from screws and wood plugs to dog biscuits. Using plastic soda bottles, with cut-outs for access, these economical containers are easy to hang from a pegboard and don’t spill their contents if dropped or knocked off!

Repurpose and Reuse

Bloggers James Angus and Jamie Bolton of The Cavender Diary are serial garage hackers who have created the ultimate man cave. Together they reuse and repurpose items to create storage space like IKEA magnet strips (for knives) used to grip everything from paint brushes to pliers, putty knives and carpenter squares.

Instead of letting her husband spend $400+ on a brand new metal tool chest, Allison, at The Golden Sycamore, convinced him to repurpose an old dresser. The couple kept the top row of drawers, but removed the rest and made two doors from plywood to store bigger tools like saws, sanders and tool kits.

And if you’re looking for long-handled yard tool storage but need a space-efficient idea, check out this easy-to-make rack Era Home Design created from wooden pallets. The long tool handles slip behind the slats to keep things accessible, organized and out of the way!

Ready to Install and Custom Designs

If you’re short on time and DIY skills, you can always shop for what you need – and customize it for your space. For example, the nearest  Costco is just a couple of exits south of Erie Parkway where you can find racks and pegboards, shelving and cabinets, plus lots of storage bins.

If you need help figuring out exactly what you want and need, David Alvarado, owner of Tailored Living — serving Erie and Boulder — features Premier Garage, a custom-designed cabinetry system tailored to your lifestyle. David does free in-home consultations to find out what’s important to a homeowner about garage storage – whether it’s high-end golf gear, vintage car parts, tools or skis and snow boards. Then he designs a personalized storage solution using durable Premier Garage cabinetry.

“Some people only want a four-foot long bench with drawers underneath, and others just a row of shelves. I could install an overhead rack and single cabinet for $500,” he says, “or an entire wrap-around system for a few thousand!”

Grand Garages in Colliers Hill!

New homes inspire a sense of possibilities, and so do the garages of Colliers Hill, clean, pristine and waiting to store everything that’s close to your heart – and then some! Stop by to tour the 12 stunning models from Shea Homes and Richmond American Homes and choose from among several ranch and two-story designs, priced from the upper $300s to the $600s.