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Tips from Stagers: Rearrange It!

When it comes to arranging or rearranging furniture, the staging pros do it with a few simple guidelines in mind. That’s why model homes (like the 12 in Colliers Hill!) appeal to your spatial, color and style sensibilities – those guidelines work! We gathered the top tips from the experts on how to place furniture in your living, dining, and family rooms for the most comfortable and pleasing arrangements to fit your style.

Recipes for Slow Cooker Month!

Is anyone surprised that January is Slow Cooker Month? What better time to march out all the comfort food recipes you can find for your Crockpot® on cold winter nights! You can cozy up to a yummy bowl of soup, with veggies, cheese, meat and pasta – and don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to work off those carbs when the warm weather’s back! For now, load up for the season of slow cookery!

Get Inspired! Handmade Holiday Gifts

Not every handmade Hanukkah or Christmas gift is something people actually want but we found some inspired DIY presents that are sure to spread sleighs full of holiday cheer! Get in on the act with a hand-crafted snow globe, homemade liqueur or sweet treat, or pamper-somebody body scrub or bath bomb!

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