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Who Lives Here? The Craddocks!

Adam and Becky Craddock moved to Colorado from Kansas City, Missouri in 2016. “My job brought us here,” says Adam. “We’d never lived outside of Kansas City, but we’d vacationed in Colorado as kids and as adults.”

Becky did her research before the move; she had neighborhoods picked out to explore, and communities targeted where she thought they’d want to live. Even during the research process, they both agree, Erie, Colorado was at the top of the list.

Liars, Scammers and Thieves, Oh My!

Just as the holidays bring out the best in us, they also bring out the worst in liars, scammers and thieves, oh my! Sad but true. Cyber con artists step up their efforts during the holidays to take advantage of people’s vulnerability, compassion and generosity. But you can protect yourself against cyber-criminals so no one can steal your identity, scam you out of hard-earned money, or defraud you in the name of charity!

Secret Family Recipes!

Some family recipes are such a fiercely-guarded secret that only one person knows them and selectively passes them down to children and grandchildren. We don’t know about you, but as soon as we hear “secret family recipe” we HAVE to know what it is. Because if it’s been kept in the family for decades, generations even, it has to be good. Or great. And the saliva glands just start working overtime until we find out. If that’s you – you’ll appreciate the hunt we launched for secret family recipes — just in time for Thanksgiving! 

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