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Lip Smackin’ Super Bowl Snackin’!

No matter who you’re rooting for this Sunday in the Super Bowl (4:30 p.m. on CBS), you’re going to want a steady supply of game day food to get you in the mood and keep you there. If you’re throwing a tailgating party in your living room, we’ve got the drinks and the snacks to please any crowd. And even if it’s just you and your main squeeze, we’ve got easy options for finger foods, dips and drinks.

Building a New Home: The Timeline

If you’re considering building a brand new home but have never experienced the semi-custom home-building process of new construction – here’s an overview of what you might expect! And while there is a science to it, there’s also a pretty standard chronology that helps you see both the big picture and the basic steps of a linear timeline. Check it out.

Tips from Stagers: Rearrange It!

When it comes to arranging or rearranging furniture, the staging pros do it with a few simple guidelines in mind. That’s why model homes (like the 12 in Colliers Hill!) appeal to your spatial, color and style sensibilities – those guidelines work! We gathered the top tips from the experts on how to place furniture in your living, dining, and family rooms for the most comfortable and pleasing arrangements to fit your style.

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