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Building a New Home: The Timeline

If you’re considering building a brand new home but have never experienced the semi-custom home-building process of new construction – here’s an overview of what you might expect! And while there is a science to it, there’s also a pretty standard chronology that helps you see both the big picture and the basic steps of a linear timeline. Check it out.

First Things First  

Before the builder breaks ground, permits must be pulled and building plans finalized while you get your financing figured out. Do you want a flex room or fourth bedroom? Two or three-car garage? Finished basement? Gourmet kitchen? This can take one to two months to iron out. 

The builder first prepares the lot where your house will be built. This includes clearing out debris and rocks and leveling the ground. This process, including pouring the foundation, takes about a month.

The next step is framing the house and building the roof. Framing takes about two months, but snow can delay things by a day or two in Colorado. Once the roof is on, weather in generally less of a concern.

Now it’s time to call in the subcontractors. These carpenters, electricians and plumbers will finish the inside of the house and install the plumbing, electrical wiring and HVAC which takes about a month.

When the guts of your house are in place, interior tradesmen come in and get to work. This is when you start to see your house taking shape as the drywall goes up and most of the carpentry is completed. The interior finishing can take about two months.

Now that everything is coming together, the last month or two will be spent by the last wave of subcontractors installing floors, painting and caulking, adding shelving, appliances, light fixtures, doors, molding, trim and other design elements to your home.

The Punch List

It’s finally time for your walk-through when, accompanied by the building supervisor, you tour, study and examine your house to create a to-do or “punch list” of things that need finishing up. These might include minor repairs and paint touch-ups or anything that didn’t get addressed in the finishing phase so it can be addressed before you move in. At this stage, you’re so close to having a new address you might even have mail in your mailbox, already!

Faster in Colorado

With all that said, there are generally quick move-in homes in Colliers Hill, that builders can have move-in ready for an active home buyer, eager to truncate the home building timeline. 

But even starting from Step 1, homes are built faster in Colorado than other regions of the country. Isn’t that a happy fact? Whether it’s because we have so many days of sunshine or home builders here are more motivated, according to Eye On Housing from the National Association of Home Builders, Colliers Hill sits in a region where the average completion time is six months and the waiting period for permits – also the shortest – is about 15 days.

We like that stat and so do our home buyers!

One of the other great things about the home builders at Colliers Hill is their diligence in keeping you informed, every step of the way. Not only will you know what’s happening every moment, you’ll be apprised of next steps and final completion dates. Colliers Hill sales associates work to provide home buyers with up-to-the-minute communication about timelines in order to meet and satisfy expectations.

Isn’t it time you came home to Colliers Hill?

New Construction in Colliers Hill

Commuting to Boulder or Denver from the master-planned community of Colliers Hill takes about 25 minutes. And what’s waiting for you? A welcoming 963-acre neighborhood criss-crossed with walking trails and dotted with parks just minutes from the quirky, small-town vibe of downtown Erie. Tour all of 12 models available in ranch or two-story designs and priced from the upper $300s to the $600s, from Richmond American Homes, Shea Homes and Meritage Homes.