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Labor Day Fun and Games

With one last three-day weekend ahead of us before a long stretch of work and school days, Labor Day seems like the perfect time to take a break with fun and games. Plan ahead with these ideas for scavenger hunts for all ages, to make the almost-fall holiday one to remember!

Crazy-Cool Outdoor Kitchens!

It doesn’t take a lot of space or money to create an outdoor kitchen where you can cook, entertain and enjoy dining al fresco. It is a serious endeavor, though, so we gathered the best tips, ideas and how-tos from the experts. Here are a few must-haves and nice-to-haves, plus a few money-saving suggestions to create your own outdoor kitchen.

How to Hide Household Clutter

As beautiful as new houses are, it’s hard to camouflage electronic equipment, cords, phone, laptop and tablet chargers, trash bins and other useful clutter. A quick scan of a few creative DIY sites reveals a few genius tips on how to organize and hide household eyesores, that are just too clever to keep to ourselves! 

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