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Labor Day Fun and Games

With one last three-day weekend ahead of us before a long stretch of work and school days, Labor Day seems like the perfect time to take a break with fun and games. Plan ahead with these ideas for scavenger hunts for all ages, to make the almost-fall holiday one to remember!

Meet Your Neighbors Hunt

This could be a paired scavenger hunt, sending off likely pairs, one older and one younger, into the neighborhood to hunt for items on a list by going door-to-door on your block. Just look at these fun asks from the contestants: a used stamp; a plastic fork; a paper grocery bag, and a fast-food coupon.

You might want to alert your neighbors beforehand with a party postcard about the kinds of things the scavengers will be asking for, so they can answer the door with cheerful trick-or-treat regularity – or plan not to be home! 

Come to think of it, Halloween would be the perfect night for a scavenger hunt so file that away for a future party game! Make a point to inform your neighbors the items they give you will not be returned.

You could make the scavenger hunt part outdoor and part door-to-door by combining lists you find here. Teams will need bags, a checklist and a pen. The winning team is the team with the most points and if there is a tie, the winning team is the one that returned first.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

With cell phone camera always at the ready, this photo scavenger hunt for teens and adults requires equal portions of fearlessness and energy, Amazing Race style. Goose Chase offers the 26 most popular scavenger hunt ideas for adults, including these made-us-laugh ideas for around the neighborhood and around downtown Erie.

Murder Mystery: Create a human chalk outline on the sidewalk and lie in it. 

Parkour: Show off your parkour skills (military obstacle course training) by jumping/vaulting over an object.

Juggling: Find a stranger who can juggle 3 or more objects and take their picture doing it.

History: Locate an historical monument and take a picture of a team member reenacting the moment in history, with the monument.

Doppelganger: Find a stranger who looks just like a team member and shoot their photo together. (Extra points for the greatest likeness!)

Thumb War: Have a thumb war with a cop.

All of the photos should be sent to the party planner who downloads them onto a laptop/projector and awaits the teams’ return for the after-party slide show!

Scavenging in Nature 

With nature all around us and miles of trails and bike paths, hunting things in the great outdoors is a fun activity for toddlers to tweens. Blogger Chrissy’s nature scavenger hunt has the contestants (yes, it’s a race and there’s a prize for the first finisher!) looking for fuzzy things, smooth and rough things like leaves, seeds, rocks, bird feathers and something kids think is an absolute treasure. Simple as That has a printable nature scavenger hunt card that’s easy to download, and older kids who can snap their finds with a cell phone camera, while the littles collect their loot in a bag.

Fun and Games in Colliers Hill!

The master-planned community of Colliers Hill, with its miles of trails and natural surroundings and friendly neighbors, is the perfect place to stage a scavenger hunt! While you’re out and about check out the latest designs from Meritage Homes, Shea Homes and Richmond American Homes. Tour all 15 spectacular models — in a variety of ranch or two-story designs — priced from the upper $300s to the $600s.