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Who Lives Here? The Craddocks!

Adam and Becky Craddock moved to Colorado from Kansas City, Missouri in 2016. “My job brought us here,” says Adam. “We’d never lived outside of Kansas City, but we’d vacationed in Colorado as kids and as adults.”

Becky did her research before the move; she had neighborhoods picked out to explore, and communities targeted where she thought they’d want to live. Even during the research process, they both agree, Erie, Colorado was at the top of the list.

“It’s a smaller-sized city but close to the airport,” Adam says. “I travel for work and I fly a lot so that was important.” Since Adam’s work in the commercial ergonomic furniture industry has him flying across the country, the fact that Denver International Airport is just 30 minutes away from Colliers Hill made the location ideal.

When they first started house hunting in Erie, the Craddocks weren’t sure if they wanted to build a new home or buy a used home. “But the real estate market was on the cusp of a boom then and when you buy a used home you get into bidding wars,” Adam says. 

That frustrating reality helped them veer toward buying new. “We visited other communities, but we fell in love with Colliers Hill.”

The Model Home Cinched It!

“Coming from the Midwest, we were used to bigger backyards and more grass,” Becky says. “It seemed like the further south we looked, the smaller the yards and the rockier the terrain. And you can’t beat the views here – it felt like home.”

The family of five walked through Colliers Hill models – they liked the styles of the homes and the community vibe. “When we walked through the Harmon model – I could tell by the look on Becky’s face she loved this house. So, we picked a lot and started building.” Becky adds, “The house plan was great – it suits our family to a T. Everything about it works for us.”

And then there were the schools. “All three of our kids go to Soaring Heights Elementary School,” says Becky. She’s referring to the new St. Vrain Valley PK-8 school on the leading edge of learning. Becky is a paraprofessional working with the kinder teachers there, the grade her youngest, daughter Emery, is in. 

“I love all the movement they do on Friday mornings — the kids, the leadership team, the teachers,” Becky says. “It’s like a huge dance party and it gets all the wiggles out.”

The Family That Plays Together…

The love of movement might stem from the Craddocks love of sports. Becky played college volleyball and Adam played college football and when they hit Colorado, one of the first things they did was get involved with the Thunderbats Baseball Academy out of Broomfield. 

Both of the older Craddock kids, Chase, a fourth grader, and Daxton, a second grader, joined Thunderbats baseball teams that first year. Adam is now a Thunderbats coach and Becky is the team manager. “We’re a huge sports family,” Adam says. “We just love being around the kids and the life lessons that are learned from playing sports.” 

And what do they do in their spare time? “Well, now we’re in basketball season,” Adam says laughing. “New season, new sport.”

The Craddocks of Colliers Hill!

The Craddocks are at home in the master-planned community of Colliers Hill with its close proximity to Erie and all the recreation options so nearby. If you’re looking for a home near Erie, check out Colliers Hill. Drop into one of the sales offices at Shea Homes, Richmond American Homes or Meritage Homes for an exclusive tour. You’ll find so much more to choose from in ranch and two-story designs, priced from the upper $300s.