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Smart Gadgets for Your Home Office

When it comes to home office essentials, who doesn’t want a comfortable space and a bunch of great gadgets? Forbes Magazine reports that 45 percent of all income-earning Americans work from home some or all of the time. The latest in-home office must-haves include electronic (smart) devices that make working from home or managing a household better, easier and happier.

Robots, Pets and Goldfish

Some would argue that goldfish are pets, and while we like watching the finny creatures in their watery habitat – pets might be stretching the definition. But since one of the not-great things about working from home is isolation, a welcome addition to your home office might be a companionable little robot like Kuri. Or a dog or cat. And despite what we just said about goldfish, this desk storage unit with a built-in aquarium will give you momentary distractions to liven up your work day. They are sort of hypnotic, aren’t they?

Online Protection from Hackers

When you work in a corporate office, there’s usually a digital security system that protects all the computers from hackers and cyber criminals. If you’re concerned about keeping your work documents and communications safe, the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall will protect all the devices on your network, keeping hackers out and your entire home (and family) secure. It works 24/7 detecting and blocking all malicious and inappropriate digital intruders.

Powerful, Fast Reliable WiFi

Another must-have for the perfect home office is a strong, fast WiFi network. Sometimes when the router is in another part of your house, internet connections slow down, drop off. The Eero’s multi-router WiFi system is a great option for telecommuters, replacing your wireless router with something called TrueMesh technology. The Eero has software that can be regularly updated and is recognized by tech gurus as one of the best connectivity systems for your computer and other smart devices.

Smart Outlets for the Forgetful

If you’ve ever been guilty of leaving electronics plugged in for weeks at a time (you know they still use energy when you’re not using them, right?) then the smart plugs and smart outlets are for you! The Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug lets you automatically schedule times to turn off your devices, so you’ll stop wasting electricity when you’re not working, and you can control them wirelessly with the free Wemo app.

Smart Pens for Note Takers

Lots of people still like taking notes with a pen, but loose papers (and sticky notes) are easy to lose and misplace. That’s the downside of making notes the old school way by using a pen. You can start keeping digital copies of your handwritten notes with the Smarson Bluetooth Digitizer Smart Pen which captures your handwriting and turns it into digital notes so you can store them in your documents.

Sit Up Straight and Move Around!

Do you find yourself hunched over your keyboard by mid-afternoon? Then you’re like all the rest of us desk jockeys and your neck and back will thank you for this little gadget, the Lumo Lift. Just place Lumo’s little sensor on the back of your shirt. It will vibrate when you begin to slouch, a gentle reminder that it’s time to straighten up!

The Lift is wireless and will sync with your smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4+ that operate on iOS 10 or later or Android 5.0 or above. Since research shows that long bouts of sitting can be bad for you, Lumo offers an additional app to monitor how long you’ve been sitting (get up and move every 30 minutes!) and how many steps you’ve taken while the sensor is attached to your clothing.

For desks and chairs and speakers and headsets, check out Wired for the latest (and staff favorites) in nuts and bolts essentials for your office, and HGTV offers some organizational must-haves, too.

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