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Three Ways to Fight Fall Allergies

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice, falling leaves and hay fever! Seasonal allergies affect 26 million American adults and kids according to the CDC. Ragweed is in bloom until November and a single plant may release 1 million pollen grains in just one day – which can travel up to 100 miles.

Shocking, right?! And the worst of it – the ragweed growing season lasts longer every year! So, if you’re sneezing and wheezing as you begin your favorite autumn activities, here are three ways to fight fall allergies and win!

Preventative Measures

Web MD recommends checking the local pollen forecast and when levels are high, consider taking an antihistamine like Allegra to prevent symptoms from making you miserable and ruining your day.

Another route is to seek the advice of an allergist who is trained to identify your allergens with a skin or blood test and can recommend a treatment plan. These doctors may advise allergy meds, but they can also provide immunotherapy – or allergy shots that target your specific triggers. Immunotherapy can dramatically ease your symptoms. 

There are other ways to fight fall allergies that rely on being proactive and keeping allergens top of mind to avoid the symptoms they cause.  

Reducing Exposure to Allergens

Leaving your shoes outside when you come in the house can cut down on the amount of pollen and other allergens you track into your home – and showering immediately after spending time outside helps, too. 

Vacuuming at least once a week can reduce pet dander and other allergens and Consumer Reports offers its six best picks for keeping dirt (and allergens) well contained within the vacuum. Its recommendations (priced from $169 to over $1,000) are for bagged vacuums with the lowest emissions. They all start with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter which is essential for keeping the air clean.

Keeping the windows in your home and car closed will also reduce exposure to pollen and other allergens – and if it’s warm, like it has been this September, run the air conditioner and let the air filters capture any potential allergens.

Fall Allergy Treatment Options

While an allergist can work with you to medically prevent the inflammation causing your symptoms, there are also natural therapies that may help.

Thank Your Body suggests ingesting raw organic apple cider vinegar and local raw honey to block your body’s natural histamine reaction and help you build a tolerance to the triggers. And while the idea of rinsing your nasal passages may not be a pleasant one, it can flush away allergens and even viruses that are prevalent at this time of year. Try one or all and enjoy your fall!

Welcoming Fall in Colliers Hill

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