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Five Reasons to Buy a New Home Now!

If you think buying a new home is not as affordable as buying a used home, think again! For anyone considering a relocation to new digs, the benefits of new construction can outweigh any hesitations. Here are the top five reasons why owning a brand new home might be the right move for you! 

Most house-hunting buyers spend hours researching locations, prices, market trends, amenities, nearby recreation and entertainment options, property taxes, HOA fees and the condition of a property. Every buyer has a must-have list that amounts to deal breakers, and a wish list. 

And the decision that comes into play early – the one that may define your search – is whether to buy new or used.

Getting Exactly What You Want

For some buyers, big trees and a flat mid-century feel is more important than a contemporary design and modern conveniences. Even though homes built in the 60s and 70s have smaller rooms, lower ceilings, fewer up-to-date features and lower energy efficiency – some prefer the eclectic quirks of a 30, 40 or 50-year old home.

But, if you favor expansive great rooms and open floor plans, that’s a new house construct. As is a backyard right off the kitchen or family room. And how about what designers call “right adjacencies”? These include access from the garage into the house, a kitchen that opens to the family room and kids’ bedrooms upstairs near the master and are benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you buy a new home.

Used = Wearing or Worn Out

With a newly-built home, you can expect little or no maintenance for SEVERAL years and can accurately predict your monthly homeownership costs. Unless the used home has been gutted and renovated, it may need new HVAC systems — a furnace, air conditioning unit, and perhaps a roof, exterior paint, and plumbing updates.

Buyers of 20- to 50-year-old homes can experience everything from an unexpected sewage back-up into the shower to a leaking hot water heater that quits with no advance warning. Those unpredictable maintenance expenses are a fact of life with used homes and can run thousands of dollars.

And usually, more than once a year!

Safe and Green Living 

Weighing the pros and cons of new vs. used homes should include health and safety concerns. That’s another advantage of buying a new home — it’s less likely to contain lead paint, mold, asbestos and other toxic materials no longer used in the construction process.

Plus, the newest Energy Star-rated appliances often installed in newly-built homes can definitely save you money and protect the environment. New home buyers can count on more efficient toilets, plumbing mechanisms, and electrical fixtures, as well.

First-Owner Appeal

While it’s hard to put a value on being a home’s first owner, people do tend to prefer clean, pristine, brand-new homes. No one has ever soiled the carpets, used the bathrooms, clogged the drains, or forgotten to change the furnace filters. You’d be the first!

Who doesn’t appreciate the smell of new cars, new shoes, new handbags, new books, new anything, really? And while it’s fun to troll the used and vintage goodies in an old thrift store – who wants to live in one?

Buy a New Home, Now!

In recent years, there haven’t been enough used homes to satisfy all the home buyers who want to relocate within Colorado. And unless buyers offer cash, they can end up getting outbid on multiple homes and discouraged in the process. 

But with Colliers Hill quick move-in homes, buyers can close on a new house before 2019, and enjoy builder incentives to sweeten the deal! 

Explore the latest designs and quick move-in homes available now during this month’s Open House Tour event by Shea Homes, Richmond American Homes and Meritage Homes. Colorado’s finest home builders of new homes in Erie offer ranch and two-story models, priced from the $400s to the $700s.