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Five Things to ALWAYS Buy at the Dollar Store

Even if you don’t need to, who doesn’t like to score a bargain and save a few bucks? Whether it’s a garden tool on sale, or a deeply discounted appliance – why pay top dollar and above when you don’t have to? We rounded up the top five must-buy items available at your local Dollar Tree on South Boulder Rd. in Lafayette. You’ll feel a sense of fiscal accomplishment when you reduce your spend on these deals and steals! 

Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper in your local grocery, discount or book store for birthday and other occasion gifts can run anywhere from $3.50 a roll to $12.50, the Sundance Catalog offers a “festive array” of wrapping paper from recycled cotton – eight rolls for $48, and the Paper Source will sell you a single sheet for $4.95. All of it destined for the trash. It’s like a dessert for your eyes – you feast for a moment and then it’s torn up, wadded up and forgotten. And don’t get us started on ribbons and bows!

But at the Dollar Tree, you can buy metallic foil, all-occasion, birthday celebration, baby shower and wedding wrapping paper for $1 a roll. And brightly colored (or pastel) curly bows sell are priced at two for $1.

Same with gift bags, gift boxes and greeting cards. And if you buy up a bunch, you’ll be ready for the unexpected anytime!

Party Hearty for a Dollar

On the website of Clark Howard, the popular consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show, are 17 things you should always buy at the dollar store including socks. And while we’re heading into sandal weather, remember this six months from now: you can get quality socks from the dollar store, for kids and adults. 

Another must buy for a dollar, party decorations, napkins, tablecloths and cups. Don’t forget to look for mylar and foil balloons at the dollar store. When you consider these can cost five times as much at a specialty or even discount store — why pay retail when pretty much anything you need to throw a kids’ birthday bash is here on the cheap?

Cheaters and PG Tests

From Money Talks News comes this sage advice for seniors and wanna-be parents: get you reading glasses or “cheaters” and pregnancy tests at the dollar store! The reading glasses are just as good as at any other store, and the pregnancy tests- can’t beat the price – they’re all a dollar! Just remember they expire after about three years, so don’t stock up!

And just for fun, look at all the DIY treasures you can create with dollar store finds, from terrariums made out of picture frames, to rustic waste baskets that would cost tons more at Bed, Bath and Beyond or on Amazon. Lots of ideas and inspiration – 50 if you’re counting — at Country Living.

Ways to Save in Colliers Hill

The families here know how to shop, spend and save in Colliers Hill, where people put down roots and celebrate lots of birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Come and visit this master-planned community, with a variety of home choices for different budgets. With lots of amenities and beautiful model homes to tour, home builders include Richmond American Homes, Shea Homes and Meritage Homes offering ranch or two-story designs, priced from the upper $300s to the $600s.