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Classic AND Trendy Home Decor!

Trying out new home trends can refresh your home for the coming year, even if you simply change the color of your kitchen cabinets or throw pillows. Although it’s hard to say which trends are here to stay forever, trying out new trends on a small scale can make your home look and feel brand new. Or, if you’re designing your new-build home, you can make it feel more modern by staying on top of the current interior design beat. From the big trends to the smallest refresh, we’ve rounded up our favorite top home trends. 

Colorful Kitchens

Sleek all-white kitchens were all the craze a few years ago and while they’re still beautiful and timeless, one trend we’re loving right now is the colorful kitchen. A big color trend this year is navy blue and what better way to incorporate it than to choose cabinets that really pop. A colorful kitchen cabinet can change the feel of your entire great room, and you can bring in complimentary colors throughout your kitchen, dining, and living areas. 

Liven Up the Bathroom

Who says a small space can’t be bold? Adding a loud printed wallpaper to a powder room or small bathroom infuses an otherwise dull space with instant personality. Don’t be afraid to get silly or fun with the design, either. Floral is a popular choice but try out your favorite design in a graphic print — from flamingos to foxes — anything goes in such a compact space.

An easy-to-implement calming element is to incorporate houseplants into your bathroom oasis. Not all houseplants will love your en suite, but bamboo and orchids tend to thrive in such a humid environment. If you have a green thumb and are up for a challenge, why not give the beautiful and fragrant gardenia a shot? Whichever plant you choose, including nature into your design creates a warmer, relaxing, and organically luxe feel.     View this post on Instagram         

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New Color Palettes

Earth tones are having a moment, from olive green to burnt orange. These warm, natural neutrals add a little life back into your space, but also show a connection to the great outdoors — a fantastic thing to tie in when you find yourself staying at home more often. Wood, plants, and metal are all on-trend right now, creating calming and welcoming environments. Want to get out of your normal comfort zone? Black doors and chocolate brown velvet definitely fit right in with this natural trend — like this Lil loveseat from Wayfair, or couch from Macy’s Martha Stewart Collection!

Fiber Art for Your Walls

Macrame and weavings have been popular for a few years now, but their reign continues. Intricately woven tapestries and carefully constructed macrame pieces and hangings instantly add a little boho-flair to any space. Use them to soften your surroundings – whether it’s a large work of art hanging over your sofa or some fringe added to a mirror, adding natural textures into your home can feel modern without being kitschy. We love connecting to makers directly on Etsy to find unique design elements for putting a little va-va-va-voom into your villa. 

Another easy adjustment to transition the seasons is to layer more knitted, natural textures into your home. It’s amazing what a little bit of cozy texturing can do to change the atmosphere of a room. Knit throw pillows on any color palette couch or a chunky knitted throw blanket will scream “snuggle-time”. And if you’re open to bold hues, they allow a quick and easy pop of color to mark the changing seasons. 

Stay on Trend at Colliers Hill

Homes from Colliers Hill never go out of style with dozens of floor plans from our two high-quality builders Richmond American and Century Communities — and coming soon, KB Home. Choose and design your home according to your style and budget, including all the trends you love to see. Our trend-setting community has plenty of amenities you’ll want to check out, as well as plenty of fun activities around Erie, Colorado.