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Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

Sometimes, usually on a Sunday night, the regular menu of options for dinner just doesn’t sound that appetizing. If you echo that emotion and there’s a day of the week when comfort food takes on a different meaning besides mashed potatoes or mac n’ cheese take a look at these breakfast for dinner options. We scoured all the usual suspects to bring you a dozen yummy, healthy, creative and comforting morning-for-evening recipes!

Meet your new favorite “brinner” – the Poached Egg Burger from the Sunday Supper Movement. It’s the perfect combination of breakfast and dinner, with a pound of ground chuck, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, optional mushrooms, and if it were up to us, candied bacon. Now if you don’t like runny yolks, you know what to do – fry, baby!

These Breakfast Quesadillas from Pumpkin n’ Spice (don’t let the name fool you!), are filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, green peppers, bacon and cheddar cheeses, between crisp flour tortillas. While this is neither a particularly new or inventive recipe, it is an easy family favorite and you can change things up with the cheeses, the meats, the veggies or different spices. Makes a difference every thyme!

For 19 breakfast recipes that easily supplant dinner ones, check out Spoon University’s take on under-30-minute recipes. You’ll find an Egg and Cheese Bread bowl and Baked Eggs in Portobello Mushrooms, Sriracha Eggs Benedict and Breakfast Nachos! And don’t miss Honest Cooking’s Chicken, Egg and Waffle Sliders for a this-side-of-heaven treat!

Turn Up the Heat!

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen came up with this Breakfast Fried Rice recipe with four ingredients, although you can add more, or switch out for picky palates. She used leftover rice from a rice-rating exercise (Best Ever Rice Here) and added bacon, eggs, green onions and hot sauce. Try adding diced peppers (after you fry the bacon), baby kale or spinach (when you add the rice and green onion), frozen baby peas or cauliflower rice.

Breakfast tacos are a nice change of pace from the routine dinner variety and blogger Erin Clarke at Well Plated stands by this combination as the best in Texas. Combining chorizo-spiced turkey sausage and black beans for the filling, Erin adds sliced tomatoes, avocados, shredded cheese and salsa on the side, to fit neatly into small-sized flour tortillas.

Beyond Bacon and Eggs

The College Housewife has created a scrumptious and substantial meal recipe called Bourbon Biscuits and Sage Sausage Gravy – prompting us to ask — are you sure this is a breakfast recipe? Way beyond boring, this comforting concoction has a gravy made of breakfast sausage minced sage and rosemary, topped with sweet bourbon biscuits. Seriously, this is the next one on our recipe bucket list – and we can’t wait to try it! (And her Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips looks pretty tasty, too!)

Until we started looking, we didn’t know there was an entire website devoted to this notion. At, you’ll find recipes for the griddle, the oven, the skillet and the fry pan – from All Day Eggs to Healthy options for athletes – weekend or otherwise. We like the looks of the Sweet Potato Egg Nests with link sausage and sliced tomatoes. And for dessert, Vanilla Chia Pudding. If you like eggs and tomatoes and are up for a recipe that hails from Africa and the Middle East, try the Shakshuka. The name means “all mixed up” and it’s a one-pan egg dish with a rich, spicy, tomato-y sauce with onions, peppers, garlic and lots of feta cheese. 

Lori, a culinary school grad and blogger at Foxes Love Lemons, put together this creative meal of Onion Ring & Sausage Egg stacks, for which apparently you don’t need a recipe. It’s a breakfast-for-dinner meal, sans the coffee, with a side of asparagus and tomatoes – oh, and extra onion rings!

And for 34 breakfast recipes that work well for dinner, check out these entrees at The Spruce Eats. From Japanese Souffle Pancakes and Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwiches to Potato Waffles and Apple Protein Pancakes, you’ll find sweet to savory here for any mood and every taste preference. 

Cooking it up in Colliers Hill

It’s the time of year to find easier ways to do routine things – like make meals in brand new kitchens outfitted with all the most current appliance perks, and serving them in gorgeous dining rooms. Check out the many amenities in the master-planned community of Colliers Hill, and the beautiful model homes from Richmond American Homes and Century Communities – and coming next month – K B Home with paired offerings. It’s a great time to buy with rates so low – and lots of possibilities from the high $300s.