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Indoor Plants to Boost Your Mood

Though it’s exciting to finally be entering pumpkin spice latté season, we’re a little sad to say goodbye to summer. Never fear, there’s one surefire way to keep summer in your heart and in your home — indoor plants! We’ve compiled a list that will make even non-gardeners happy to bring more plant life into their homes.

Succulents to Start

Let’s start with the basics. Those of us that don’t have the gift of a green thumb know that some plants are harder to nurture than others. Thankfully, we have a solution: succulents. It’s downright difficult to kill a cactus. 

According to, a good option for well-intentioned plant loser is the jade plant. This lovely succulent gets bonus points for also being known as “money tree, lucky plant, or friendship tree” — who is in the position to turn down extra good luck? The jade plant can grow in all sorts of environments and how much sun they get can change the appearance of their leaves.

The stunning snake plant is another great choice for a low maintenance indoor plant. It can survive for weeks without light and water, not that anyone would ever forget to water their plant for that long… Right? There are plenty of different varieties of the snake plant, and we love all the decor options for brightening up your space. 

Herb Gardens for The Foodies

Bringing your herb-growing indoors is a win-win: they’re not only functional but downright attractive. You’ll find so many herbs that will thrive inside, so your possibilities are limited only by the amount of space you want to devote to your indoor garden. HGTV has some great tips for making your herb garden a delightful accessory for the home chef. 

Thyme is a great choice for a small space. No matter the size of your kitchen, counter space is coveted real estate, so thyme and parsley are a great choice for smaller container gardening. If you’d rather take your herb garden to the next level, an incredible hanging herb garden is perfect for even the smallest of indoor herb additions. Thyme has medicinal properties and uses, as well as recipe boosting power!

Mint is another prime choice for indoor herb-growing, since it can be quite invasive if left to its own devices in a garden outdoors. To keep this cooking staple to a reasonable size, container gardening is the way to go. Grow mint in full or partial sun, making sure to keep the soil moist. Pluck and steep in hot water for mint tea, when it’s chilly outside!

Bringing Greenery Inside

We know that the pressure of houseplants can be too much for some people, so the easiest solution for bringing nature into your home is to literally bring nature inside. These design options don’t require you to water them or worry about them getting enough light. Full shade? No problem!

The Spruce has some great ideas for freshening up your decor with fresh greenery, from garlands to accents. A lovely floating greenery candle centerpiece brightens up your table any time of year, and they’re so easy to create! Simply add some green branches to your clean, clear bottles and your table will be feeling fresh in no time! Change out the types of greenery for different occasions or enjoy this easy centerpiece for weeknight dinners. 

When it comes to decorating with branches, the clear favorite is eucalyptus. Not only does this gorgeous branch freshen the air with a light, clean fragrance, it also looks elegant and classic when added to any palette. The branches can be kept in a vase in water or even scattered over a mantle or shelf as a fragrant and beautiful accent. 

Enjoy the Great Indoors With A Home You Love

As we transition into the cozy season, you’ll feel right at home in Colliers Hill, From sunny windows to kitchen counters fit for an herb garden, finding your forever home has never been so easy. Getting outside has never been so easy, where you can enjoy our community amenitiesfrom a recreation center to miles of walking trails. Check out the stunning collection of 16 model homes from three high-quality builders: Richmond American Homes, Century Communities, and coming soon, KB Home – from the high $300s!