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Crafty Ideas for Snowy Days

While we’re not sure how many more snow days might be in our future, it’s always a good idea to have a few “inside things to do” when we have to hunker down for another snow-apocalypse! Here are some crafty things-to-do when you feel like (or need to) hang out indoors for a few hours — or a few days!

The Spruce Crafts collected several different subscription craft box ideas for younger kids from paint kits and slime starter kits to origami and sticker art. And for teens and tweens: paracord wristbands, terrariums, thread bowl kits and bath bombs.

One afternoon at the dinner table with a stack of rectangular cut colored paper (or  oversized index cards) can create a year’s worth of thank you and other greeting cards.

All you need is a bit of washi tape, some stickers, and one or two rubber stamps with ink pads. Let your kids personalize to their hearts’ content – and if you have an old shoebox – decorate that to store the new collection of customized stationary. For this and a handful of other indoor project ideas, head to Real Simple.

Depending on your skill level (and/or the age of the crafters)  Etsy is not just the place to get handmade and vintage items, it’s the “world’s most imaginative marketplace”! Just look at all these things to do when you have extra artsy time on your hands.

Mini Loom, Beads and Paint by Number

This mini wooden weaving loom from Etsy is designed with the beginning and intermediate weaver in mind, all wooden pieces in the kit are cut from beautiful and strong 1/4-inch bamboo plywood and includes:

  • 9″ x 12″ frame loom
  • 2 stick shuttles
  • weaving comb
  • 2 large wooden weaving tapestry needles
  • shed stick
  • sturdy cotton warp yarn for your first project
  • illustrated instruction booklet
  • yarn pack of all natural fiber yarns
  • cotton bag for keeping it all together

The paint-by-numbers kits from Etsy offer all sorts of options to make you feel like a genuine artiste! From Angry Cat and everybody’s favorite small, green humanoid alien Yoda, to your very own fur baby or magic moment! A wedding photo, a family portrait, graduation, or a holiday trip, just send in your favorite photo to recreate as a painting – by the numbers.

Created in Crystal on Etsy offers button art crafts, especially for girls. These craft kids are each a collage collection of embellishments for creating cats, crowns, party dresses and even a fancy racing car. The kits come with a canvas board that’s 7-inches by 5-inches, glittery buttons, bobbles and beads, an orange stick, tweezers, ribbon and instructions. 

Knit, Crochet and Photo Fun

If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, here’s a kit that will help you get started. It’s $14 from the Autumn Acorn and comes with yarn, knitting needles and how-to directions. Or how about exploring the world of 3-D paper cutting and crafting? Check out this nautical DIY kit to create a beautiful blue Sea Scene that comes with an extra 2-D project for extra paper fun! And when you or your favorite crafter are ready for the next level, check out the extraordinary Peacock Paper Art project!

Uncommon Goods carries DIY kits that range from making your own Italian cheeses to creating yummy chocolate truffles or personalized hot sauces. The cheese kit is packed with the tools and ingredients needed to turn out 10 delizioso batches of Italian cheese including ricotta, mozzarella, mascarpone and ricotta.

If photography is a special interest, investigate the solar photo kit which uses the power of sunlight to produce rich blue prints of common objects on paper or fabric. Based on the cyanotype process pioneered by Anna Atkins in 1842, (the first female photographer!) “sunography” is a fun and rewarding introduction to printmaking with a minimum of equipment and materials. Place any object on the sonography paper and expose it to sunlight, then rinse with water to produce your own blue prints. Use old photo negatives, x-rays, bits of lace, leaves and other objects to compose a variety of images.

Arts and Crafts in Colliers Hill 

So many of the homes in the master-planned community of Colliers Hill have bonus rooms, perfect for relaxing, working, or crafting! Stop in to see all the possibilities offered by Century Communities, KB Home and Richmond American Homes. Life is better on the Hill, so check out the amenities and the beautiful model homes from three top Colorado builders, from the high $300s.