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This or That? Consumer Reports – Best of the Best

Consumer Reports has released another Face-Off – the national reviewers’ picks for the best-of products in blenders, chainsaws, mattresses, fitness apps and hybrid cars! If you’ve been wondering which is the better buy in some or all of these categories, keep reading!

Blender Face-Off: A Clear Winner

It’s smoothie season and if you don’t already have a blender you love, check out this Face-Off between a new pro-style blender from Kalorik and a Vitamix blender. According to Consumer Reports — the objective test and review group that puts all kinds of consumer goods to the test — the $130 Kalorik 200 series Pro doesn’t quite perform as well as the $400 Vitamix 5200. Maybe understandably, given the price differential – but both resemble each other and and offer eight cups of capacity. When Consumer Reports ran a normal series of tests to find out how each blender handled a variety of jobs. The Vitamix outperformed the lesser-priced model. 

Both can blend up an icy drink with no problems, but the Vitamix delivered a more even and consistent pureed soup with fewer chunks. The testers found that both crushed ice well, but the Vitamix results were, more even and consistent – almost like a snow cone.

The biggest difference appeared in the durability test of crushing ice 45 times over a series of days. Vitamix, crushed this test, too, while the other blender struggled a bit. And while the Kalorik has a two year-warranty Vitamix has seven years of coverage. For more ratings or to watch the video Face-Off, go to

Fitness Apps: A Toss Up?

When it comes to fitness, apps have been hugely popular while gyms and workout facilities closed down during the COVID scare. Peloton reported that at the end of last year, digital subscriptions were up 472 percent from 2019. Even as things are opening back up, fitness apps allow you to stream workouts and get “personal” training from ace instructors, any time of the day or night. Apple has rolled out its entry to the fitness category, and if you already owned an Apple watch this one might be a no brainer. Peloton’s subscription is $12.99 per month and Apple’s Fitness+ is $9.99 – but you need the watch. New watch buyers, however, get three months of Fitness+ free, so there is that. 

What sets either one apart? As far as workout options, Peloton has the advantage apparently. As far as instructors go, Consumer Reports gives the advantage to Apple, whose instructors seem to have embraced “fitness cred over camera appeal.” Both services motivate users, but when it comes to dashboard navigation and beginner friendliness, CR gives Apple the edge. Peloton, however, comes back with the advantage for creating community and for music – because “the right tune can get you through an energy slump.” For more details, check out the entire Face-Off comparison review.

This Mattress Makes the Cut

Mattresses are a passion purchase for many because they contribute to good sleep, good health and good attitudes! We embrace all three, so whenever we see reviews – especially from the people who don’t have a dog in the fight – we pay attention. The two mattress-in-a-box leaders, Casper and Tuft & Needle, launched product within two years of each other, 2014 and 2012 respectively, and according to CR, the latest Casper is one of the better versions tested. 

The Casper costs a bit more at $1139.99 vs. the Tuft and Needle Mint at $985.50, and both rate a 4 out of a 10 on the CR firmness scale (10 being the firmest), meaning they’re on the softer side. (For a firmer mattress check out the ratings here). The Mint out-performs the Casper in stability (excellent vs. very good) but for support, the Casper scores higher. Using human subjects – of both small and large stature – the Casper is fractionally better (both are in the very good range), but the Casper shines for petite side- and back-sleeper support, where it rates excellent.

Coming Home to Colliers Hill

The new homes that dot the master-planned community of Colliers Hill are built by some of Colorado’s top home builders: KB Home, Century Communities and Richmond American Homes. Life is better on the Hill with amazing amenities in this popular, fast-growing area of Northern Colorado! Check out the beautiful model homes showcasing lots of possibilities in ranch and two-story floor plans — from the high $300s.