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Tips and Hacks for Every Room of Your House!

Are you a hack enthusiast? A lover of hacks? We don’t mean the internet kind that penetrates digital drives and computer files. We’re talking about the sort of devotee who embraces genius ways to save time, money and aggravation with clever hacks for cooking, cleaning, parenting and living! Here are a few brilliant hacks for everyone who likes innovative convenience!

Multi-Purpose, Miraculous WD-40®

The manufacturers of WD-40 ®have conceived of multiple uses for the spray-on product, which demonstrates just how versatile this popular potion can be. You would expect it to lubricate things in your house and your garage — from squeaky hinges and gardening clippers to zippers and stubborn locks. But did you know it can clean rust off of wire shelves, sled runners, nuts and bolts?

Did you know that it can keep grass from sticking to lawnmower blades, removes baked-on bird droppings from your car, and tree sap from a variety of surfaces? And you know that sticky residue that felt pads on your chair bottoms can leave on hardwood floors? Yep. WD40® will remove that gunk, too. For more (like a few THOUSAND more) applications, check out these amazing uses for the miracle juice on the WD-40® website. 

Bring on the Foil!

Bright Side will show you 15 uses for aluminum foil, beyond lining a cookie sheet or covering leftovers. Some are no-brainers, like using a few pliable sheets and bits to lengthen the life of batteries or make a DIY funnel. But some, are flat-out brilliant because you can bend, crunch and twist foil in dozens of different ways. 

To slide big heavy furniture around a room when you want to rearrange or redecorate (or even deep clean), put small pieces of foil, shiny side up, under the legs. The dull side is actually more slippery and will help you scoot big pieces around the room. 

It’s one thing to read about hacks, it’s something completely different to watch hacks demonstrated in real time – or even in 2X real time. Watch 5-Minute Crafts seal a bag of what we think are lentils using foil and a hot iron; steam vegetables over a skillet of boiling water and slow down the ripening process of bananas! It’s the stuff of miracles, too!

For 30 more uses for aluminum foil, like cleaning chrome, your jewelry and keeping your silverware shiny, check out the Reader’s Digest guide.

Kitchen Hacks and Helpful Tips

With 36 life hacks for the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room and more – little wonder this Youtube video has over five million views! you’ll see how to use toothpaste to clean everything from yellowed fingernails to underarm stains, and how a piece of bread will pick up bits of broken glass from a hardwood or tile floor. 

You’ll see how egg shells are handy for everything from growing seedlings to boosting your smoothie with calcium, and why you should never run out of scotch tape and five reasons why a fork may be the handiest tool in your utensil drawer!  You’ll watch this 20- minute video at least once through and use these hacks! 

Jillee at One Good Thing collects uses for a variety of things, like coffee filters – that have nothing to do with coffee, and baking soda, that have nothing to do with baking! She’s a fan of hydrogen peroxide, castile soap and cream of tartar, too! See all of Jillee’s useful, cheap, all-purpose creative ideas for a better life!

And for another 25 frugal uses for coffee filters, check out Make It Missoula. You’ll find a way to make instant dryer sheets with fabric softener, and how to deodorize smelly sneakers!

Convenience is Key in Colliers Hill

Many of the residents in the master-planned community of Colliers Hilllike its proximity to Boulder, Denver and Ft. Collins. In fact, situated so near 470 makes it easy to get to DIA, as well. Life’s not just more convenient here, it’s better on the Hill! Stop by and tour the beautiful model homes from KB Home, Century Communities and Richmond American Homes – and coming soon, Boulder Creek. Priced from the $400s, this fast-growing new home community in Northern Colorado has lots of exciting amenities to offer new home buyers, too!