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What Will YOU be for Halloween?

Ever wonder why people – maybe not all people but certainly kids and lots of adults – like to wear wacky costumes and makeup for Halloween? The question was posed on Quora recently and here’s what people had to say about dressing up. (Oh, and we have plenty of ideas for easy, creative, and punny DIY costumes, too!)

See if you can find yourself or someone you know in one of these answers.

Why do we like to dress up for Halloween?

Here are some of the answers people gave on QUORA:

“Because most of us lead rather unglamorous lives. We go to work; we pay the bills; we take care of our families; and we maintain the house. Dressing up as someone else allows us to change the pattern.”

“Because for many of us, we’ve achieved what generations of our forebearers wanted, we have comfortable, stable lives (which) can be a bit dull. Being able to inhabit another life, even for a short time, gives many people pleasure with a side of excitement and a smidgeon of romance.”

“Because it is so much fun being someone else… even it is just for a brief moment.”

“Because we can be our own avatar. We can rehearse our better, stronger, better looking selves. We can tap into who we cannot be every day in our own skin—superhero or villain.”

DIY Costumes for Couples and Singles

Seems to be a theme, right? We’re guessing kids would answer pretty much the same way. So to find a way to express your inner Abdul Ali (Squid Game) or Morticia (Addams Family – both outfits are trending costumes this year according to Google) – or find a DIY alternate you right here.

Just don’t delay about which (witch?) character you’ll be, Halloween will be here before you know it!

Disney Character Costumes

Transform yourself into a Disney character for a night with this easy and fun Snow White costume from the Color Me Courtney craft blog. Courtney pulled together a few items of clothing you might already have in your closet or can probably find in the nearest thrift store. Then don some red lipstick, clip a red velvet bow in your hair and grab a red apple prop and perhaps someday your prince will come!

Here’s another Disney character from Courtney, the adorable, ageless Miss Minnie Mouse , complete with mouse ears, which are just $5 at HalloweenCostumes.com. JC Penney’s has discounted petite polka dot dresses​, and with a little red lipstick and pair of white gloves, you’ll be transformed into Minnie Mouse.

Creative, Colorful and Cool! 

If you wanted to dress up as hand sanitizer in 2020 but didn’t, now’s your chance. Don’t forget to spritz yourself with cheap tequila for the full effect. Tipsy Elves has plenty of costumes – skeletons, witches, super heroes and heroines – which you can buy or use it as the inspo to DIY!

From The Merry Thought blog comes this slightly ghoulish Halloween costume of a deer – mounted and taxidermized. Yep, that’s a word. Follow this tutorial for the best deer makeup, and don’t forget the felty ears!

For a little tongue-in-cheek humor, showcase your favorite Pantone color with this original DIY Halloween costume idea from Sugar and Cloth. It’s an easy costume to put together. Simply dress entirely in your color of choice and attach a signature Pantone label to your outfit.

For a few dozen more options, check out the DIY costumes from creative families, couples and pros at HGTV.com. You’ll find a collection of movie monsters, a trio of walking crayons, Mary Poppins and her sidekick Bert, and ideas for last-minute punny costumes

All Hallow’s Eve in Colliers Hill!

Witches and werewolves and ghosts, Oh My!  You’ll see them all this weekend if you’re out and about – at the Eerie Erie race on Saturday, and on Sunday when the littles, tweens and teens roam about the master-planned community of Colliers HillVisit the Hill’s stunning model homes from KB Home, Richmond American Homes – and coming soon, Boulder Creek. Priced from the $400s, this fast-growing new home community in Northern Colorado has lots of exciting amenities