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Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting!

When considering upgrades to your home, it’s easy to overlook added lighting for your patio and backyard, but what a difference a few lumens makes to outdoor living space! And there’s no need to worry about electrical outlets when you can use batteries and the sun to power outdoor lighting and add backyard illumination anywhere you want it! The latest innovations in attractive solar and portable outdoor lights can help you create a warm, inviting ambience with a variety of easy-to-install options.

Grow an Aromatherapy Garden!

The scents we’ve missed all winter long are beginning to waft through the spring air – mowed grass, grilled steaks, after-the-rain and fragrant flowers. Psychologists say that aromas are powerful, evocative triggers for fond memories and a mild sense of euphoria. 

You can enjoy a future of good moods by planting an aromatherapy garden in your yard, and revel in the coming scentsational bliss!  Here’s how.

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