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Spring Cleaning Robots and Hacks

Spring makes us long for a lot of warm-weather activities like biking and swimming – and not domestic chores and housework. But those must-do tasks are exactly that, must do, and they can eat up more than a weekend – unless you have the right tools, gadgets and hacks. Take a look at these time-saving products and tips so you can spend more time outdoors than in!

Gadgets and Robots

It might look like a fluffy toy for Fido but the Mocoro robot cleaning ball has a mind of its own. This robotic duster roams freely around your home, picking up dust and dirt and changing direction whenever it hits an obstacle. Just sit back and let it do its thing. There’s an internal timer so that after 15 minutes it will stop until you nudge it again with your hand or foot, to save battery life. 

You’ve seen the Roomba, now meet the Coral One Handheld and Robot Vacuum. Use the robot for daily or bi-weekly cleaning, and the handheld vacuum for crumbs and dry spills and people tracking in dirt. Using an internal computer the robot vacuum navigates throughout your house with sensors, helping it establish an efficient cleaning path. And not only does the Coral One clean your floors, you can use it to clean countertops, sofas, mattresses and curtains!

If you have BIG windows, tall, wide, multiple – you’ll want to watch this window-cleaning robot, the Winbot 950, automatically clean your windows. With a four-stage cleaning process and a massive four-sided microfiber cleaning cloth (as well as a wraparound squeegee), the Winbot 950 doesn’t stop until all your windows are invisible-clean. With a 16-foot power cable, Winbot 950 can reach all those tough places we can’t – no need for a ladder or someone to hold it! Available at Walmart and Amazon –  watch the video and be amazed!

Now that the warm weather is back for good (fingers crossed) it’s time to break out the grill! And if you haven’t given yours a good scrub since last fall, check out the Grillbot – a grill-cleaning robot that doesn’t need your elbow grease. Armed with durable bristles to dislodge even months-old cooked-on food, just push the button and let the Grillbot do the work.

Tools, Kits and Cleaning Products

The Dremel Versa makes tough cleaning jobs a cinch with its powerful high-speed scrubbing mechanism and four versatile accessories. Tackle even the most stubborn grease, dirt and scum on practically any surface and watch the Dremel Versa make it disappear!

One of the more detestable cleaning tasks in a home is in the bathroom. Call it the privy, the loo, the can or the commode, if you don’t like touching the toilet, this cleaning kit is made to order. The Giddel scrubs the rim, under the rim, around the bowl and down to the exit in a circular and wavy motion to cover every part of your toilet bowl interior. Watch the video and see for yourself. It’s portable and the manufacturer claims it costs less than $1 per use.

How often do you dust your electronics? We thought so. Although not as techno-amazing as a robotic window cleaner, this OXO Good Grips cleaning brush will help you keep all of your electronics clean. It looks like a double-headed pen, with a silicone wiper that sweeps into those hard-to-reach spaces between the keys on the keyboard and the edges of your display screens. The soft bristle handles your phone’s camera lens, too, and other more crannies that need to a gentle sweep.

And if you just don’t feel right not getting your hands dirty, check out the Krazy Coupon Lady’s hacks and cleaning tips – like using vodka to get rid of mold and mildew — and shine bath fixtures and Alka-Seltzer® to bubble away tough coffee and tea stains. 

When it comes to products, Martha Stewart has a handful she endorses because they take some of the effort out of scrubbing and scouring: Bon Ami®, Goo Gone® and Iron Out®.

Clean and Tidy in Colliers Hill

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