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Friend and Family Game Night

Here’s an idea…instead of a book club, start a game night club. Right?! If you have six people who will meet once a month – you can even do a potluck game night – you will only have to come up with a game, every six months. And hopefully, you’ll like some of them so much, you can rotate them back into play, multiple times!

Minute to Win It Game Night

This is a fun one for families and friends – making it a good old-fashioned night of physical game fun. From the Ping Pong Bounce – bouncing six ping pong balls into six plastic cups, or the Keep it Up game where players have to blow a feather across the room and into a bucket. That’s a tough one if you don’t have a lot of hot air! 

Blogger Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter who dreams up recurring versions of the game (Christmas edition, Dollar Store edition) — and posts videos and photos – not to mention free printables, says the hardest one might be the Yank Me game. With a stack of five plastic cups, separated by index cards the aim of the game is to remove (or yank) the index cards leaving a standing stack of cups. 

And the funniest might be Junk in the Trunk taking an empty tissue box and strapping it around each player’s waist in turn. The participants then try to get the eight ping pong balls that were placed in the box to fall out, by shake, rattle and rolling!

For more family Minute to Win It game suggestions, click over to for some additional ideas, like the Family Shouting Game, complete with printables to take (and shout out!).

Board Games for the Bored!

From, here’s a collection of great board games, from the fast-paced card game Apples to Apples for ages 12 and older, that’s easy to learn and takes 30 minutes to play, to Master Debaters, where players get into debates over light, quirky topics like, “Is it okay to like your own social media post?”

You know Monopoly, the classic 84-year-old game that pits players against each other to see who can acquire the most real estate, but what about Monopoly Fortnite? It’s not about how much you can own, but how long you can survive!

You may have played Cranium, but have you played Cranium 3-in-1? This combo-platter of a board game will challenge players to use every part of their brain with a mix of sketching, sculpting, acting, and word play tasks.

For people who like to sing and shout, Spontuneous is a simple party game for all ages and all musical tastes. The object of the game is to stump the other players by coming up with trigger words for songs. For example, a player might announce, “Sing a song with the word COWBOY in it!” and the others have to think of, and sing at least five words of, a song with the trigger word in it.

From the makers of Uno Phase 10 is a fun game that everyone will love. Similar to Rummy, each player is dealt a hand and has to complete a unique phase that gets more challenging as the game continues. The first person to complete phase 10 wins!

For easy card game ideas with ordinary card decks, check out Money Crashers where you’ll find descriptions for three games Spades, Egyptian War, and Spoons and links to the rules. 

Good Times in Colliers Hill

One if the best things about a game night is that it makes you unplug from all things digital and focus on each other. It’s a lost art, but not in the master-planned community of Colliers Hill, where neighbors gather regularly at the Overlook for fun activities! Come and tour the amenities and beautiful model homes by Richmond American Homes, Century Communities, Shea Homes and Meritage Homes offering ranch or two-story designs, priced from the upper $300s.