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Holiday Decoration Storage Tips and Hacks

Trimming the tree with beloved Christmas ornaments, hanging the garland and stringing the lights is way more fun than pulling everything down and putting it away. Maybe it’s the jolly spirit of anticipation for the holidays vs. the “gee-it’s-all-over” aftermath! Whatever the reason, here are a few top tips and storage hacks from the pros to make it easier. 

Tree Ornament Storage

You know those plastic containers that contain apples at Costco (and some of the muffin ones, too)? Blogger Laura Russell at Make Life Lovely says using those as compartmentalized ornament containers, keeps fragile balls and décor separated, protected and stackable. They take up less space than the kind you buy at your local big box store, and you’re living green! Reusing and repurposing loads of dreaded plastic – and they’re free! Sort of. ☺ 

For smaller balls and ornaments use the tough cardboard containers for eggs, or those cardboard beverage trays you get at fast food restaurants and designer coffee shops. 

You can make your own ornament storage boxes using a plastic bin (which you probably already have) sheets of cardboard and those plastic drink cups. Cut the cardboard to fit the bin, says Blogger Jillee at One Good Thing and glue the cups to it to hold your priceless, squashable, breakable decorations. Compared to the bins and organizers you can buy at a home improvement store, you’ll save plenty per bin!

Miss Jen at I Heart Organizing uses lots of transparent bins and zippered food storage bags to keep things separate, corralled and easy to find, and stresses that labels, labels, labels make her life (and yours) a whole lot more organized!

Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Storage

Rachel at The Chic Site found a solution for rolls of wrapping paper – holiday, birthday, wedding – you name it. Find a see-through garment bag like this one from Amazon and you can hang up your paper right in the closet. Rachel has hers right next to the seasonal tablecloths and runners!

Crystal at My Blissful Space uses a wire mesh wastebasket to corral all her rolls. And HGTV has an entire tutorial you can adopt to store all the paper, ribbon, tape and tools you need to wrap a holiday gift. Watch the video and copy the invention one dad came up with to turn an upside-down stool into a one-stop rolling wrapping station. 

You can slide rolls of ribbon onto a wooden suit hanger, and for gift bags, find a magazine holder you like and let it hold your gift bag stash! Pick your favorites and relieve your holiday storage headaches!

Lights, Hacks, Action!

We’ve seen, and we’re sure you have too, the cardboard hack like this one from Bob Vila to wind Christmas lights for easier unwinding next year. But that takes finding and cutting the cardboard. Bob says it’s easier to flip a chair or stool upside down and wind the lights, figure-eight style, around two of the legs until you have about 12 inches of cord remaining. Circle the cord around the center of the figure eight and tie a loose knot so the lights don’t unravel. 

You can also wind the lights around the box they came in, instead of stuffing them inside, but some might say that’s wasting space. We also spotted this plastic hanger hack, winding the lights around a clothes hangar to keep the strands from tangling, and then storing in a spare closet or on a laundry cart.

DIY Network uses mini traffic cones — purchased from office supply stores — to wrap lights, using two at a time and the figure-eight technique. Other hacks include coffee filters, coffee shop hot sleeves, empty tennis ball containers, and more garment bags for ornaments, wreaths and garland. 

Icicle strands are more of a challenge, but CNET offers a hack using a one-foot-wide roll of plastic. Simply roll out a stretch of it as long as the lights, put the strand on top of the plastic and roll the plastic sheet and light strand together. This will keep the icicles from getting hooked on one another and bundle everything neatly inside the plastic.  

On Pinterest, there a kazillion holiday storage hacks, some of which we’ve mentioned but also links to more purchased solutions if you just have no time, patience or intestinal fortitude for the DIY options. Plenty of manufacturers have products that make the holiday aftermath less trial and more triumph, and are available through Wayfair.

Merry Christmas from The Hill!

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