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Life’s a Peach!

It’s the peachiest time of the year in Colorado when that little town of Palisade puts out it’s velvet-skinned, juicy peaches that people have been waiting all year to buy, peel, bake, and taste. Colorado peaches come into season in late July and peak by mid-September so if you want to get in on the Redglobe, Coralstar or Elegant Lady goodness this year – time’s a wasting!

High Country Orchards Knows Peaches

While there are more than a few growers on the Western Slope, High Country Orchards and Vineyards showcases them all. And the recipes we found cover all sorts of sweet treats made with peaches. From mousse, cream puffs, cobbler (Aunt Mary Stockdale’s), jam, pie, salsa, cake, bars, and a layered cream cheese Palisade Peach Delight, there’s a little bit of everything on the High Country Orchards website. Whole Foods carries the High Country Orchard brand of preserves and salsas – in case you’d rather have theirs, than make yours!

Chefs will tell you that some of the naturally-occurring flavors in peaches are the same as those in dairy products — which is what makes them a perfect complement to ice cream. 

The Smitten Kitchen has a yummy peach shortbread recipe which combines peaches with flour and browned butter, sugar, and among other ingredients – freshly grated nutmeg. Interesting add-in, right? And with a dollop of homemade ice cream when it’s fresh and warm out of the oven…a dessert to bookmark!

We’re also told the sweet acidity in peaches pairs well with things like rosemary and Italian Prosciutto or ham – which is why The Hot Tomato restaurant in Fruita came up with a summer-only pizza: The Palisade Peach. They won’t reveal the entire recipe, but we know it’s a combo of Canadian bacon, rosemary, mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese. If you travel over the passes and canyons to Fruita to hike or bike soon, be sure to order one!

Cakes, Tarts and Gifting Preserves

This Upside Down Peach-Bourbon Bundt Cake from Southern Living is one of several peachy desserts – including Peach Raspberry Buckle ( ) and Peach Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel. You’ll find plenty of crowd-pleasers among these 27 recipes, from classics to creative innovations – boozy, sugary, baked, fried, layered and creamed.

Peaches and Cream Tart from Real Simple starts with vanilla wafer crumbs for the crust and with a custard filling of eggs, sugar, cream and Cointreau (and a few more necessary ingredients). The masterpiece is topped with three peeled and sliced peaches.

Country Peach Preserves is more of a project than a simple slice and bake recipe, but the spreadable delight from Natasha’s Kitchen gets 4.8 and of 5 stars. Natasha whips up multiple jars of the stuff for holiday giveaways.

Peach Sides, Salads and Salsas

The fuzzy peach goes great with everything. It adds pizazz to a fresh salsa and can handle the strong fragrant spices of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. You can grill peaches as sides for your favorite barbecued meats and the sliced fruit adds a little acidic kick to a salad.

Here’s one salsa recipe from Spruce Eats, combining peaches, tomatoes, green onion, red bell pepper, seasonings, and honey (if you like your salsa sweet). A peach salsa is a great partner for grilled chicken, fish or pork chops – your pick. 

A little different version of a peach salsa recipe from Foodie Crush can turn plain French bread into Peachy Bruschetta

The Peachiest Kitchens in Colliers Hill

In the master-planned community of Colliers Hill, there are kitchens with all the bells and whistles for home chefs to explore and adore. These new homes, built from the foundation up, are within minutes from historic downtown Erie, and convenient to Boulder and Denver. With family-friendly amenities and stunning model homes to tour, you’ll find a ranch-style or two-story design that’s right for you — priced from the $400s.